Meet Siri competitor Jeannie on Android phones

Meet Siri competitor Jeannie on Android phones

The app formerly known as Voice Actions by Pannaous has been renamed Jeannie. She will say hello to you and give some funny answers too. You can even change her name in the settings. It is available on Android phones and iPhone. Jeannie can answer you in several different languages (english by voice and other languages in text only). We’ve given it a try and these are some of the things she’s told us:

What’s wrong?

Jeannie: Hello, nice to meet you.

Who are you?
Jeannie: I’m the almighty himself.

What does it mean?
Jeannie: It’s a computer matter, not for humans to understand.

So, what can you do with Jeannie? The feature list looks like this:
* Set alarms and reminders
* Send text messages and email
* Voicedial your contacts
* Listen to music and poems
* Get news, facts and translations
* Search images, videos, apps and places

You can for instance say:

* call James at home
* text Maria that I love her
* news about Barack Obama
* set alarm clock:
* wake up monday at 8am

Send us funny screencaptures for Jeannie to [email protected]

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